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One Seriously Charming Motherfuckin' Pig

There's a (homeless?) Vietnam veteran with no legs who sits in his wheelchair on the downtown m@ll every day with a sign and a cup. He looks pretty rough. Sometimes I give him a dollar. I've decided that this must be one of the most interesting and charismatic people on Earth.

No, I've never spoken to him. But he almost always has a bunch of people hanging around with him. You look at this dude and it's like, he's got nothing going for him. Old, unattractive, no teeth, dressed in dirty, crappy clothes. No legs. Begging for change on the street, for chrissakes. And yet there are almost always a bunch of people just sort of surrounding him. Not other homeless guys, either. Lower class but working people. Sometimes a couple of construction workers from the work site a block away. A young woman with a toddler in a stroller. Some gangsta types maybe. People of all ages. I won't say from all walks of life, but these aren't people you would look at and dismiss as trash.

Why? Why are there always these people hanging out with the legless guy begging for change on the street? He MUST be a phenomenal human being. I mean, what else could it be? It ain't money, social status or looks that bring these people around him. He must be a really awesome human being.

18:25 - 2008-05-14


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