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Free things are more expensive

Oh, this is just fucking great.

I finally heard back from the woman who provided the deer from her farm for my last class. I had approached her for that class asking to buy a whole deer to use. She ended up being so delighted with the whole premise of the class that she said she wanted to donate the deer for free.

So great, I sent 2 people to pick up the deer that day and afterwards I sent her a nice email thanking her profusely for it.

Fast forward to now, when I've sent her a few emails and left a phone message asking her about whether we could get another deer, and knowing that she had wanted to donate it I also offered to trade her some sacks of feed as a good-will gesture. Finally, several weeks later I finally heard back from her and she sends me this very terse email saying that she isn't going to provide us with one because I didn't donate anything to her for the last one.

What the fuck? I had called her up and offered to give her $300 or whatever it was, and she insisted on donating the thing. This makes no sense at all. Why is she offended that I didn't pay her for a deer that she said was a donation?

So I replied telling her that I am very happy to buy a deer from her if she will just tell me what the actual price is. I hate this kind of bullshit. Don't tell me that something is free and then be bitchy that I didn't pay for it.

The lesson has been driven home, though. My philosophy with this class has generally been to pay everyone involved. Even if its just $100 or whatever, if someone is helping to put it on then I pay them, even over their objections. I should never have made this exception. I like paying for things because the settlement of obligations is clear and final.

The difference between something offered for free and something with a price tag on it is that the free thing probably costs more.

If I don't here back from her by the end of the day then I will need to start scrambling for a back-up plan. And this will definitely be the last class if she won't sell me one.

Christ, I have the fucking Discovery [email protected] coming out for this. I need a dead deer that morning very badly.

This sucks. This seriously sucks. This is the kind of thing that literally keeps me awake at night. The danger of not having a deer for this class was one of the things I couldn't stop thinking about when I woke up at 3 am this morning.

I'm having a whole day now of doubt and fear about this whole thing. What if it all falls to pieces? What if these contract questions and amendments make my in-the-bag book deal fall apart? What if there is no TV show and no nothing and I'm just sitting here slowly going bankrupt by the end of the year?

Fuck. I need some good news right now.

11:56 a.m. - 2010-04-26


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