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I Plagerized Milne. Sorry.

Recently I was looking through a school notebook from first grade and realized that I had totally fucking plagarized a bunch of verse by Rudyard Kipling and A. A. Milne. Badly. The lamest part is that the teacher had just graded it and moved on without noticing that I'd just scribbled down some half-remembered lines from 'King John's Christmas.'

Fucking illiterate first grade teachers...

We're putting together a new class on a new but related subject to bring some more money in this summer. Essentially we're going to teach small groups of students how to build their 0wn b0lt action hunting rifle. Everyone goes home from the 2 day weekend class with a r1fle that they built themselves (under our very close supervision). This is actually way safer than it sounds, for reasons I won't bore anyone with here. They'll be starting with a [email protected] action and thus won't be messing with anything that could cause the thing to go boom in their faces.

1:24 p.m. - 2010-04-28


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