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No Press Kit

I never managed to give a shit about Green Day.

My next 2 day class is next weekend and this weird woman with the deer f@rm still hasn't confirmed with me whether she will be selling one to me for the class to use. I'm starting to understand why her business is struggling so much. I'm sending her emails asking her to just name her price and I'll send someone to pick it up, and she takes a week every time to respond to an email. This really pisses me off. I literally lose sleep over this danger of not having a deer lined up for the class to d1ssect and butcher. I don't know what else I could possibly be doing about the problem.

Fuck it man, this is my last one of these. I am just sick of the hassle with getting deer to work on at a specific time and place. I am fucking done with this shit. After this one, I'm only doing the short 3 hour workshops and other classes that don't depend on having a freshly dead thing to dissect. Besides, I should be focusing on working on my books and writing some magazine articles.

In 2 weeks I'm flying to NYC. That will be fun. I like flying on airplanes and I like being in NYC. I'm staying at my sister's place in mid-town Manhattan this time. Suddenly I'm realizing that I am behind my mileage goal for the year on Delta. I really, really need to at least keep my Silver Medallion status and it would be nice if I could make Gold this year as well. If my show gets picked up then I will be racking up miles big time, but I don't want to assume that will happen.

Ooooh! I just got an email from one of those Discovery producers. They need an official bio and press photo. I just sent him the best that I have on-hand, which is that 3 page life story I had to write up for the editor of the J0y of Cooking last month, plus a few photos from my classes. I am realizing that this is a pretty shitty press kit and I had better do something about that right away. I can write a shorter, snappier bio but for the photos I need to pay someone to take some professional pictures. The problem is that I have no money to spare for such a thing at the moment.

6:00 pm - 2010-04-29


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