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Norton Met with Cleveland at Least Twice

Ok, so I have to write the new chapter about the so-called De@d Rabbits riot that explains how the Origin@l Hounds were a key part of that, then I have to write the 1884- 1888 chapter covering connections between the Hob0k3n Turt1e Club complete with the relationship between N0rton and Pr3sident Cleveland, and then pick that shit up with the transition into the twentieth century with Sulzer and the Club's changes in cooks and stewards.

I have a lot to digest and write in my work on this book.

The De@d Rabbits shit is the scariest. So many people have written about this, I am terrified of fucking it up. This is the most written-about moment of American history during the 1850's.

I am putting off writing the De@d Rabbits chapter. I don't know how to face this, other than just facing it and writing this shit tomorrow night.

I got distracted tonight by finding out that N0rton met with President-elect Cl3veland at least twice in early 1885.

1:41 a.m. - 2021-05-30


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