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Love The One You're With

Oh, well, we're advancing to meeting the family way ahead of schedule.

I was supposed to meet Lindsay (not the evil Lindsay) at 5:30 for the monthly art gallery crawl. Then my daughter told me at around 8 pm today that she is coming for a visit from college and I'm squiring her and her very nice boyfriend around from 4:30 pm onward, plus tagging along for the counterculture goodness on Saturday night.

Now I'm meeting Lindsay at 7 pm. With the awkwardness of hanging out with both my daughter and her boyfriend and this chick whom I fucked for a few months during the start of the pandemic, who has newly noticed that dating is awful and she should go back to someone very nice who was clearly a catch during the Bad Times.

Lindsay has some sort of medical thing wherein her hair is kinda thin. She also looks really good naked. She is also the child of failed athiest Jewish writers. She is about 12 years younger than I am.

So I have this date with this woman who kinda got to know me right at the start of the pandemic. We fucked a lot, but couldn't go out or go to any shows. And she's supposed to come hang out with me and my daughter and her boyfriend after not seeing each other for over two years.

What could go wrong?

How about the fact that I spent 7 hours driving for fucking Grubhub and after needing an oil change and buying a tank of gas and paying for food, I ended the night at 12:15 only $10 ahead of when I woke up?

I have no business dating at all until I have a new job in my field, and a paycheck commensurate with that.

Lindsay wants to show up right now. OK, this is what is happening right now. I'm putting off the big goodbye to Alex and inching my way towards surviving for the month.

Her ass in my face would make up for a lot of bullshit right now.

She is a nervous woman. A social worker now. Actually I cannot press any sexual preferences on her. She just needs me to be very nice to her for a long time.

I have to take very good care of this woman. She is not who I would have chosen. But she is here and is placing herself in my care so I have to be very good to her.

4:23 a.m. - 2023-06-02


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