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Appliances or not appliances

Seventeen girlfriends. I've had seventeen relationships that at least verged into girlfriend territory whether they were appliances or something more worthwhile. One of them (Melinda) was not really a relationship but we keep pooping up as ongoing so that merits an entry. In total, I think I've fucked 41 women in total. There may be some I've forgotten. I dunno. Shit happens.

This chick I'm dating right now, Christa is an appliance. She's not as smart or curious as I had hoped. I'm leaving Florida soon and it's not worth ending this and finding someone else for such a short term. I just want someone around a few nights a week, someone to cook with, sleep with, talk to, and fuck.

Meghan was an appliance, though a very sweet one.

Christa's insane alcoholic drama makes her a non-starter. I had to pick her up at work a few weeks ago, drunk on vodka. I took her to her mother and she started back in rehab. I'm trying to be supportive during my weeks or months remaining here.

Mary the nun was not an appliance. The former nun I dated right before I had to go to Florida. She was smart and well-educated and insightful and long-term material. She was intellectually challenging and fun.

Dana. I wasn't physically attracted to her, though I pumped a lot of cum into her. She had aged a lot for her age. She was smart and insightful. Not an appliance.

Kerri. The married, poly chick. Was she an appliance? Functionally, since I was weekend fun. But she was smart and capable. Not really an appliance by nature, but she chose that role for a few months.

Beth the second. Crazy, not interesting. Appliance.

Melanie, the Australian. We only spent a few weeks together spread out on two trips to Panama. Amazing tits, marred by the fact that she basically sexually assaulted me on our last night together. But not an appliance.

Mary B. Around 20 years older than me. Smart, cunning, well-educated. Loved getting fucked up her ass. Not an appliance.

Elaine. I dunno. She was super submissive, wanted to be spanked and face-fucked and raped. And she was around the top of her class in law school. I think if that had gone on longer, she would not have been an appliance.

Jane. What do I make of that? Whip-smart, maybe a sociopath. A sudden end to that, but she was not an appliance.

Brandi. Nice big tits. I had to use condoms. From West Virginia or some shit. Not very smart, in spite of her masters degree. Mostly I liked putting my dick in her. Definitely an appliance.

April. Huh. Kinda crazy. Not very accomplished and never will be. But insightful. I'm gonna be charitable and say not an appliance.

Beth the first. Huh. Most of the good things about her personality were centered around our shared past adolescence experience. She was pretty, she smelled nice, she had great tits, I'd wanted to fuck her since I was 14, and she was willing to try to take it up her ass (we only got it in once or twice). But she lied all the time and had boy hips. And she had no real intellectual interests. Didn't create anything anymore. APPLIANCE.

I *think* I can count Julia as an actual girlfriend, even though we only spent 3 or 4 days together in a hotel room in DC throughout a long distance romance. I'm gonna say not an appliance.

Campbell. What a sweetie. A very good person. I had to use condoms. Smart, capable. But not very interesting and she didn't have any real hobbies or interests. We spent a pleasant few months together, but she was an appliance.

Helenah. One of the two loves of my life. I tried to marry her. Not an appliance.

Trish. My wife. Not an appliance.

Everyone else was just a fuck.

12:16 a.m. - 2019-07-10


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