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The Turtle Thing Paid Off at Work

My job has been fucking retarded for months.

Hired as strategic communications guy for a group of labs, but the other labs basically don't respond to my emails so I'm just dealing with this forest entomology lab that hired me. But they don't do jack shit all summer, because the head was on a trip to Europe and half the lab was in China and others just graduated and we have no papers coming out and there is literally nothing happening here to communicate to the world.

Not my fucking fault. I cannot make news out of thin air.

But then there's this story that just popped up where I found a way to tell a whole Simon Winchester thing out of nothing.

The PI gets back from China this weekend and I have to deal with that shit next week. Can I convince him that this story I've found is fucking awesome?

It sort of comes from my obsession with the Hoboken Turtle Club. That research inspired what I started doing with this thing I'm doing now for work. It starts in the 1860's, which was exactly where I was zeroed in on with the HTC stuff. When this beetle sample was gathered in Sri Lanka, then sent to a pioneering entomologist in Germany. And then the beetle sat in a collection until the Hamburg Natural History Museum was bombed in the second world war, and then we have action and the story really starts to come to life.

3:37 a.m. - 2019-08-23


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