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SP1N is back on pretty much

I had an unexpected phone call today with my editor at Sp1n [email protected]. He finally found out that as features 3ditor of the magazine, he does not have sole assigning authority over features. Everything goes through B0b Gucc1one for approval.

The woolly mammoth story is on, though at a slightly lower price than I had wanted. $700. He asked for a new price and budget for the B1g Lurch story with the only travel being me going to interview the rapper himself in prison, rather than spending a few days with court house records in Compton. $1k for me, plus about $2k in travel expenses.

The Ch1nchilla Cafe story. I was worried that he hadn't read it or it was somehow way below what they were looking for. Bob himself read it and loved it. They loved the coolness of it, winding into the scene, and then upping the stakes as I got into bands having to sign agreements with major venues not to play in the same city and ducking out of that system by playing h0use venues like Ch1nchilla [email protected]. It was good enough that there were not any edits to request. Just working through the photo options that I provided.

No edits at all? I'm not used to that. I would have offered edits on it if I was the editor. In the piece, I have these sort of snarky reversions to first person talk, like describing how bad I felt about not having a band and not practicing my instruments enough after being asked by someone at a show there. There is a series of those moments, but then I don't have any resolution of that and don't return to it in at the end. If I were the editor, I would have asked that this thread be wound up and resolved in the final grafs.

This was all while I was driving around [email protected] delivering for Grubhub. Which is fucking awful. $80 for five hours, before the cost of gas and wear on my car.

After I had got home and ate something and sent my editor at SP1N the new budget for the Lurch story, I sent him a pitch for F00d F1ghts as a regular column. I could do it for $300 eaches, if it is a regular thing. I investigate an iconic American food, using my astounding periodical research kung fu that I've perfected while working on the new book.

He has a limited budget. And $300 stories, every two weeks, will hopefully be a tempting thing to test. I have about a year's worth of stories at that rate. If it works, I'm established as someone writing culinary history for a major publication with an established platform. And then my new book will be that much more sell-able.

If he says yes, and if B0b Gucc1one agrees. And if the readership numbers hold up.

I am so fucking sick of this Grubhub shit after my 5th day of it. Give me a few predictable features for Sp1n every month, plus a bi-weekly column, and I can stop doing that. Which will be stable, but I'll still be looking for a salaried job.

I'd keep the F00d Fights gig, if I get it, even with a salaried job.

2:35 a.m. - 2023-05-23


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